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Ceremony Charming Locations

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Ceremony Charming Locations

Chianti Countryside

Visit the locations listed below, and you will be able to choose a setting for the legal ceremony from one of the magnificent historical palaces in Castellina, Greve, or Barberino that the municipalities of Read More

Castellina in Chianti

Castellina in Chianti lies between Florence and Siena and is a beautiful, small fortified medieval hilltop town. From the torre del Comune, town hall tower, where weddings are celebrated, 360° panoramic views of Chianti can be enjoyed reaching as far away as Siena and San Gimignano ... Read More

Coastal Area of Tuscany

Tuscany is shaped like a triangle, with the west side some 350km long following the Tirreno coast. This coastline, in many places is still untouched and natural with clean water, fantastic sand dunes and long free beaches, without beach bars and umbrellas. It is not over crowded except for August and/or weekends.

The coastal inland offers beautiful and wild nature characterised by hills encrusted with magical, beautifully preserved, medieval villages built on ancient towns founded long before by the Etruscan civilisation. Their ancient legacy is still visible in the various archeological sites in the area. There are vineyards, olive groves and wineries that produce fa ... Read More


In the countryside surrounding Montalcino, which has become one of the world capitals of wine, there are many venues of differing standards, with swimming pools, where you can stay. Exclusive private luxury villas; romantic hotels; elegant and luxurious relais, resorts and historical country houses, finely renovated.

Click accommodation reception venues/Montalcino, and you can choose one of the ideal and beautiful venues with Read More