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The stunning city of Lucca, full of Art and monuments and surrounded by its imposing city walls dating from the 1500’s which are still intact, is at the foothills of the Appennino range, the mountains that separate Tuscany from Emilia-Romagnola. The city became rich and powerful around 1200/1300 when, with the development of the “via Francigena”, all the commercial traffic travelling between Rome and France found that their route took them through Lucca rather than Florence. Lucca became the important centre for silk production that was sold all through Europe, also with the support of a sound banking system, created for this purpose by the enterprising merchants of Lucca.

Lucca, the only city in Tuscany not to fall under the patronage of Florence remained independent and flourished until Napoleon’s defeat. The French Emperor, after conquering half of Italy, decided to give Lucca to his sister, Elisa Bonaparte Baciocchi

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Princess Bonaparte chose as her personal residence the splendid villa di Marlia, which therefore became Villa Reale (Royal Villa) The villa, surrounded by a beautiful large garden, is part of a series of villas, each more beautiful than the last, that the nobility of Lucca had built between 1500 to 1700 on the hills near the city. At the beginning of the nineteenth century the high society of all of Europe met in the villas, eager to be part of that “Dolce Vita” which existed around the nearby, recently restored, thermal springs of Montecatini

Several of the largest villas are available for rent for parties and weddings; some of the smaller ones in the countryside of the Lucchesi hills and just a few kilometres from the sea in Versilia and Forte dei Marmi have been converted into elegant venues with swimming pools, ideal for small medium sized weddings. Take a look at our proposals by clicking accommodation reception venues/Lucca

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