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Siena would certainly be famous even with-out the Palio, the mad horserace known the world over, which for approximately 500 years has taken place in Piazza del Campo on the 2nd of July and the 16th August every year and around which the Sienese way of life revolves

Its glorious history, brought to a sudden halt by the terrible plague of 1348 (that population, one of the largest in Europe, as large as the Paris of the time was reduced from100 000 to 30 000 inhabitants ) has left an incredible artistic and architectural heritage. First of all there is the city itself, miraculously left virtually untouched when the troops of Carlo V laid siege to it in 1555, marking the end of the Sienese Republic. It was then handed over with all its territory to Cosimo I dei Medici, who became thus the Grand Duke of all Tuscany.

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Also thanks, paradoxically, to the plague which halted its development, Siena has preserved whole its medieval structure and above all its two jewels, shining examples of the Italian Gothic: the Cathedral and the Town Hall, with its marvellous sloping piazza, shaped like a seashell. These two impressive buildings were worked on by great artists like Duccio di Buoninsegna, Simone Martini and the brothers Ambrogio and Pietro Lorenzetti. All of this means that Siena is well worth a visit at any time of the year

But if you really want to be part of the collective madness that pervades the city and its inhabitants in the period of the Palio, we suggest you buy your tickets many months earlier in order to be able to watch from a more comfortable position, rather than from the - albiet free - centre of the piazza, from where, packed like sardines for at least four to five hours before the beginning of the race, you can only see the waving heads and arms lifted to the heavens of the excited and shouting crowd.

The Palazzo del Comune of Siena represents of of the most magical locations for a wedding in Tuscany. We advice you NOT to choose accommodation for your guests in the city, or organise the wedding reception in town, but choose one of the many places suggested in the beautiful Tuscan countryside because Siena is easily reached from both Chianti and the ‘Crete Senesi’.

Click on accommodation/reception venues/Chianti countryside or accommodation reception venues/Crete Senesi-Pienza and you can choose from the beautiful venues with swimming pools; exclusive private luxury villas; romantic hotels; elegant and luxurious relais, resorts and historical country houses, finely renovated.

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