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Built overhanging the valley below, perched on a spur of volcanic rock known as ‘tufo’, which is compact but easily carved, Pitigliano is one of the most magical and evocative cities in Tuscany; if not in the world. It has remained perfectly preserved and off the beaten track of mass tourism, so much so that in winter it resembles a ghost town where time has stood still.

Pitigliano developed in medieval times upon the previous Etruscan settlement which is still visible today. Many tombs have been found in the outskirts of the town stretching as far as the nearby towns of Sovana and Sorano and are indeed worth a visit. The city became the home of an important Jewish community, so much so, it was known as the little Jerusalem when the Jewish Romans were exiled by the Pope. The small and beautiful synagogue, recently renovated, the kosher butcher shop, and the bakery which still makes unleavened bread and other typical Jewish sweets are all reminders of the original ghetto.

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Under the city there lies a labyrinth of passageways, caves and wells that were all dug by the Etruscans and now used by the city dwellers as cellars for the famous white wine or Bianco di Pitigliano. Politely asking the hospitable and courteous inhabitants for a look into their private cellar may well end up becoming an invite to taste their wine, accompanied by a slice of wild boar salumi ageing in the cellar, before descending into the depths of the city travelling back in time among wine barrels and archeological artefacts.

Not far from Pitigliano, at the foot of the hill where another Etruscan city, Saturnia, stands, a sulphur-rich spring of warm water with a temperature of 37° gushes out at about 600 litres a second. The hot springs have been well-known and frequented since the time of the Romans, who dug a series of small pools under the small waterfall that at a few hundred metres from the spring, between the smoke and vapours with an infernal smell, create a fantastic natural open-air hydromassage. A unique spectacle, an unforgettable experience. In winter, when the outside temperature perhaps drops below zero, you might however find it more comfortable to use the hot pools of the Hotel Terme of Saturnia, built right around the spring where the water is much wamer.

Pitigliano, is just an hour by car from the Maremma coast and Monte Argentario and is an evocative location for a wedding, suitable for those preferring to stay by the sea in one of the many venues that we suggest for you: click accommodation/ reception venues/ Tuscany Coastal Area/Capalbio (or Monte Argentario) and you can choose from the many ideal venues with swimming pools, close to the sea in the beautiful Maremma countryside.

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